J.F. Allen Is Your Dedicated Environmental Reclamation & Mitigation Provider

At J.F. Allen Company, we are committed to being your Environmental Reclamation and Mitigation service provider. Our team takes pride in the knowledge of compliance regulations and our ability to meet state and federal standards. Our experience with the Department of Environmental Protection ensures that our construction processes are fully compliant and process water is properly contained and controlled.

When it comes time to partner with contractor for your environmental construction needs, trust in the team at J.F. Allen for ensuring all aspects and regulations are handled with the highest regards.

Environmental Experience

At J.F. Allen, our team’s experience with environmental projects becomes an advantage for our customers, showcasing our dedication and knowledge of state and federal regulations and guidelines.

Turn-Key Services

With the ability to source our own construction material including aggregate, gravel and stone, J.F. Allen is fully equipped to handle your energy construction projects.

Dedicated To Your Environmental Reclamation & Mitigation Construction Project

At J.F. Allen, we are well-equipped with the necessary means to aid in improving and preserving the environment.  We have completed numerous mine reclamation projects for the Department of Environmental Protection.

In addition, our team at J.F. Allen has environmental construction experience in soil and erosion control, containment ponds, re-vegetation services and stream mitigation just to name a few. Contact our team to learn more about our environmental reclamation and mitigation construction services.

For Over 70 Years, J.F. Allen Has Been Dedicated To The Construction Industry

Since 1946, J.F. Allen Company has stood for the highest level of quality, excellence and customer service in the construction, mining and highway industry. Learn more about our company, history, and what makes the difference at J.F. Allen Company.

At J.F. Allen, we are dedicated to being your dedicated environmental reclamation & mitigation construction service provider throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our offices are strategically positioned to provide environmental services throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland.

Be sure to contact J. F. Allen today to learn more about our environmental construction services.


Chenoweth Creek Mitigation

Ellamore Mine Reclamation Project

Shinns Run Portal Mine Seal

Scotch Hill Mine Fire Reclamation Project

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