Is On The Line

At J.F. Allen Company, nothing is more important than our commitment to Safety to our employees and their families. That is why we developed our safety program of “Your LIFE Is On The Line” as a reminder of the significance of jobsite safety. This commitment ensures we have created an atmosphere where our employees, our vendors, and our customers are valued far and beyond just a quick interaction. Just like our continued success, we value the long term.


At J.F. Allen, employees are prohibited from reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Routine, as well as, randomized drug screenings are implemented, and any employee that does not pass, or refuses these tests are terminated immediately. We hold the safety of our team as the highest priority.


Since the start of our company, safety has been a priority at J.F. Allen Company. Over those 70 years, our team has been recognized by numerous organizations, and achieved a number of milestones, such as 1 million safe hours! Our team works hard to ensure a safe working environment and these awards help reinforce their commitment. We don’t do safety for the awards or the recognition…we do it for our families.

Utilizing industry standard report programs for our safety standards


As an equipment operator at J.F. Allen Company, I appreciate their dedication to both jobsite and employee safety. It is nice knowing I have the ability to call a ‘work-stop’ if I need, but also nice working with a team that cares about safety for their entire company.

-- Dan Jones, Operator

J.F. Allen Company

Built On A Tradition Of Excellence
And Customer Service.

Since 1946, J.F. Allen Company has stood for the highest level of quality, excellence and safety in the construction, mining and highway industry. These core values have been the foundation of our operation and growth for over 70 years.

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